Come One Come All You Writers Out There!

Hello everyone! And welcome to the world of writing!

If you're here then you obviously wanted to make a creative difference in this world. Writing is not only for the creative mind, but it is for the complex one as well. No matter if you're better at logical thinking and math, than imagination and creativity, you'll still fit very nicely in here. I just wanted to introduce myself.

My name is Shannon Metcalf, or Shannon M Metcalf <-- (That is my official author name). Anyway, I've been writing ever since the fifth grade. I started out with poetry and actually had two poems published! One in 2003 and the other in 2007. I started writing a story in my senior year of high school, which was only 30 pages when I first finished it, and turned it into my very first full length novel a couple of years ago. 

The title of this book is, Lycanthropy: Blood-Ties which is the first installment of a possible series. It's for sale on Amazon Kindle for only $0.99! So go ahead and check that out. I'll leave a link in a separate blog soon. My second novel, A Wrestler's Dream was completed sometime last year, and is currently awaiting copyrights. I'm planning on putting that up on Kindle Direct Publishing as well.

I just wanted to let you all in on what I do and why I made this site. I'm trying to promote my books and traditional social media sites aren't quite doing it. 

I'm posting on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, YouTube; I even posted a tiny bit on MeetMe and on GaiaOnline. I also have a FanFiction story up on , which is a Harry Potter spin off, involving a new full moon curse, the werevampire curse!!! I'll also put that in an extra blog For now I hope you all enjoy this site. Feel free to blog about anything you wish, just as long as it has to do with what you're writing or even what your thoughts are. Have a good day!

-Shannon M Metcalf (Creator of this blog/Author/Novelist)